Ushers -

Ushering is a ministry of hospitality.  As our renewed liturgy recognizes the importance of a spirit of hospitality, ushers are among the most essential of the community’s servants.                   

Responsibilities: Handle lights, temperature, seating, and video streaming during mass; Pass offertory baskets; Collect hymnals and clear pews after mass; Assist parishioners who need help with parking, navigating the elevator, or walking safely; Close windows & lock doors after mass; Transport bank bags to bank                  

Frequency: Typically 1x/month


Responsibilities: Prepare bread & wine for Eucharistic liturgy; Set lectionary for readings; Check sound system before and after mass; Purify Sacred Vessels after mass    

Frequency: 1x/month


Responsibilities: Review readings before mass; Read welcome message, readings, and sometimes petitions   

Frequency: 1x/1-4 months

Greeter - The Greeter has the special ministry of making the People of God feel welcome in the House of God, as they hand out hymnals which facilitate greater participation in the Liturgy on the part of the people.

Responsibilities: Welcome all guests and members as they enter church; Hand out hymnals to the congregation as they arrive.                   Frequency: 1x/2 months

Ministers of Holy Communion

Responsibilities: Distribute communion with Father during mass      

Frequency: 1x/1-2 months

Mass Server

Responsibilities: Assist Father and Deacon in celebration of the mass by lighting and holding candles, helping to set-up and clean-up for Holy Communion              

Frequency: 2x/3 months

Music Ministry

Responsibilities: Lead the congregation in song and worship with voice or instrument, as part of the choir, individually, or in small groups.     Frequency: 1-2x/month

Communion Ministers to the Homebound

Responsibilities: Bring Communion to parishioners who are unable to come to mass, specifically to nursing homes in Hammond and Baldwin, after mass on Sunday morning. 

Frequency: 1x/2 months